E-chulo, wood/briquette-burning stove, designed in the U.S. by Energant, is locally manufactured in Nepal. It utilizes forced air convection to improve combustion performance as well as thermal efficiency. During optimum operating conditions, it produces 15 watts of power at 5 volts DC for external devices.

It uses thermoelectric generator (TEG) modules to generate electricity from the heat of the fire while powering a fan.

Extra energy is sent for storage to an internal rechargeable lithium iron phosphate battery for the charging of small electronic devices, such as cell phone and LED light for an extensive period.


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OIG Global Holdings group has been established as an Investment company in Singapore. All our share Holders are running different type of business in Singapore, USA, Australia and Nepal. Our traditional business model is based on the accomplishment of Hotel, Hostel, Trading and Travel agency business in Singapore and Nepal.


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